Pick a Pumpkin at the Patch

Good thing the snowstorm headed our way early this year before the holiday festivities begin. The forecast is looking brighter for the holiday weekend, especially on Halloween day, so there is still hope to fit in a trip to the pumpkin patch. While we wait for the snow to melt, go to your local grocery store and pick up some carving tools to prepare for a Sunday-funday of getting sticky and slimy with the ones you love while showing off your awesome pumpkin carving skills.

The pumpkin patch on Highway 287 in Broomfield, CO is a wonderland of orange and is the most thrilling way to pick out a pumpkin. The fields are filled with plump pumpkins ready for picking and there is plenty of freedom to choose one that best fits your needs. After enjoying a roam throughout the fields, check out the hay maze, petting zoo, candy apple station, and baked goods stand; you will definitely feel younger after meandering through the maze and much happier knowing you get to take home a perfectly caramelized treat.

I hope the snow has left us with enough quality pumpkins to be able to dedicate a Sunday to carefree carving. Whether there are valuable leftovers or not, the trip to the patch on Highway 287 will undoubtedly rouse your youthful side. Let’s just hope that Mother Nature is on our side this weekend and has not and will not destroy too many more of those lovely orange fruits.

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2 thoughts on “Pick a Pumpkin at the Patch

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