Boarding Key

It’s that time of year that Colorado is best known for, WINTER, which means we have to pull out our boxes of boots, scarves, gloves, and puffy jackets to keep the frost from freezing our fingers and toes. Keeping warm is important especially in Keystone, Colorado where every winter accessory is needed to fight off Frosty. Even though the chill is not ideal, skiing or snowboarding at Keystone Ski Resort is worth layering up for.

If you are like me and have little experience skiing or boarding, don’t worry! Keystone has two villages that offer sleigh rides, snowshoeing, gondola rides, ice skating, and many more winter activities for those interested in experiencing something other than skiing or snowboarding. There are also numerous restaurants to take a breather at after a long day on the slopes like Kickapoo Tavern, which is a bar and grill that offers classic American food along with cocktails and microbrews.

Winter in Keystone is perfect for both experienced and inexperienced skiers and boarders who are planning a one day trip or a week-long vacation. Just make sure to pack your winter accessories or else you may not make it onto the mountain. Also, another word of advice to boarders like myself, don’t let those itty-bitty experts who may pass you by get you down; it’ll be alright, you’ll make it down the mountain eventually!

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