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Bones Pies + Pong

House party games have moved out of the basement and into the eatery at a local wings, pizza, and beer stop in Fort Collins, Colorado. For a five dollar buy in each, Bones Pies + Pitchers places two person beer pong teams on their bracket board to compete against fellow Beirut fans in their weekly beer pong tournament held every Wednesday. With a new brewery sponsor each week, competitors get the chance to guzzle down an unlimited amount of high-quality brews for as long as they stay alive in the game. Sign ups start at 8:30 p.m. and pong is on at 9:00, lasting until closing time which is 11:00 p.m.

Instead of winning mere bragging rights in your friend’s basement during his or her next beer pong tournament, join the competition at Bones Pies + Pitchers for a chance to win a $25 tab and a few brewery sponsored gifts. While waiting for your next pong opponent, snack on some Thai Peanut, Orange Spice, or Rasta Jerk wings or snag a slice of pizza such as the Killer Miller which places a mix of meats like pepperoni, sausage, beef, and meatballs on top of killer crust and marinara sauce.

Bones Pies + Pitchers brings the party to the restaurant with its dance party tunes, three tabled tournament, and late night pig out food. You can perfect your beer pong shot by visiting this local eatery each Wednesday and also meet some friendly competitors at every tourney. Greet the owner Chad Fegely and see if he may have some tips on how to become champion of each challenge!

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Meet the Mayor

The little rock-faced building on Mason Street in Fort Collins, Colorado is not the place where you will find the beloved mayor. Although it may not seem like it on the outside, this establishment is just as elegant and as distinguished as we would believe the mayor’s office to be on the inside.

The Mayor of Old Town is one of the newest bars in the Fort Collins area, featuring 100 beers on tap and an exquisite food selection from the Red Table Cafe menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Since breakfast is served all day, I suggest trying the green chili smothered, scrambled egg and cheese filled, avocado topped breakfast burrito known as the Avocado Burrito; served with a small cup of freshly sliced fruits and sour cream on the side, this meal requires an empty stomach beforehand because there is no doubt you will want to clear your plate before you leave.

Dining is delightful at this newly renovated enterprise, but what makes The Mayor of Old Town unique is the expansive assortment of beers on tap. The 100 taps include brews from New Belgium, Budweiser, Odell, Guinness Brewery, Firestone Walker, and many more. So, you may either try something familiar like the classic Bud Light or something unusual like the seasonal Quad which is a dark, fruity style ale that is tangy to the tongue.

You may have passed The Mayor of Old Town and mistaken it as a strictly political place of business. I suggest taking a second look the next time you drive down Mason and drop in for either a taste of the taps or a bite of the breakfast burritos!

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Beer, Bingo & Football

When the beginning of the week rolls around, we all get a nasty case of the Mondays. After two days of sleeping in, slacking off, and spending time with family and friends, it’s no wonder why Monday has a bad reputation. Instead of dreading the start of all the paperwork and school projects you are obligated to complete and meetings you are required to attend, make Monday a little more enjoyable by visiting CB & Potts on West Elizabeth Street in Fort Collins, Colorado.

With an ample selection of dollar craft beers, multiple wide screen televisions broadcasting Monday Night Football, and the chance to win a prize after participating in bingo, fun is sure to follow. Potts offers an engaging environment for men and women, so enjoy a guy’s night out or a girl’s night out with some of your closest friends and change your Monday attitude.

Rather than making Monday feel bad and depositing all of your negative energy on the first day of the week, look forward to Monday as if it is still the weekend. Bingo at CB & Potts is unlike your average bingo hall and the beer is just as unique; watching football is much more fun when you are surrounded by fans and rivals, celebrating either a win or a loss. Stop by Potts after school or work and make Monday a little more livelier!

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Like It’s the Weekend

First post ever! Woo!

Even in the Internet world there is room for experiencing something new. If you haven’t read what this blog is all about yet, then let me fill you in a little bit. I like experiencing new things! I like being the newbie at events, restaurants, bars, outdoor activities, you name it; whatever is occurring around colorful Colorado, I want to be there! If you are looking to try new things too, then I hope this will be the space where you become inspired to live life youthfully. Let me be your guru Colorado!

Anyone else think Thursday is a good day to start the weekend? I do! Instead of staying at home and watching television tomorrow night, check out Fuzzy’s Taco Shop on West Elizabeth in Fort Collins, Colorado. Fuzzy’s has great food (especially the grilled fish tacos, HEAVEN), awesome margaritas (the Ram Horn seems to be the specialty), and live entertainment (who doesn’t like karaoke?). The fun shouldn’t stop at Fuzzy’s though. After you have had your fill of tacos, margs, and singing, walk on over to Mo Jeaux’s Bar & Grill for the 4 for 1 special which starts at 9 p.m. sharp. Can’t beat four drinks for three dollars right?

A night of Fuzzy’s taco’s and Mo Jeaux’s drinks is always unforgettable. Thursday will become the new Friday once you have experienced two of the most popular places in Fort Collins on a Thursday night!

Have fun, be safe, and live young readers!


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