Like It’s the Weekend

First post ever! Woo!

Even in the Internet world there is room for experiencing something new. If you haven’t read what this blog is all about yet, then let me fill you in a little bit. I like experiencing new things! I like being the newbie at events, restaurants, bars, outdoor activities, you name it; whatever is occurring around colorful Colorado, I want to be there! If you are looking to try new things too, then I hope this will be the space where you become inspired to live life youthfully. Let me be your guru Colorado!

Anyone else think Thursday is a good day to start the weekend? I do! Instead of staying at home and watching television tomorrow night, check out Fuzzy’s Taco Shop on West Elizabeth in Fort Collins, Colorado. Fuzzy’s has great food (especially the grilled fish tacos, HEAVEN), awesome margaritas (the Ram Horn seems to be the specialty), and live entertainment (who doesn’t like karaoke?). The fun shouldn’t stop at Fuzzy’s though. After you have had your fill of tacos, margs, and singing, walk on over to Mo Jeaux’s Bar & Grill for the 4 for 1 special which starts at 9 p.m. sharp. Can’t beat four drinks for three dollars right?

A night of Fuzzy’s taco’s and Mo Jeaux’s drinks is always unforgettable. Thursday will become the new Friday once you have experienced two of the most popular places in Fort Collins on a Thursday night!

Have fun, be safe, and live young readers!


Your Guru

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