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Beer, Bingo & Football

When the beginning of the week rolls around, we all get a nasty case of the Mondays. After two days of sleeping in, slacking off, and spending time with family and friends, it’s no wonder why Monday has a bad reputation. Instead of dreading the start of all the paperwork and school projects you are obligated to complete and meetings you are required to attend, make Monday a little more enjoyable by visiting CB & Potts on West Elizabeth Street in Fort Collins, Colorado.

With an ample selection of dollar craft beers, multiple wide screen televisions broadcasting Monday Night Football, and the chance to win a prize after participating in bingo, fun is sure to follow. Potts offers an engaging environment for men and women, so enjoy a guy’s night out or a girl’s night out with some of your closest friends and change your Monday attitude.

Rather than making Monday feel bad and depositing all of your negative energy on the first day of the week, look forward to Monday as if it is still the weekend. Bingo at CB & Potts is unlike your average bingo hall and the beer is just as unique; watching football is much more fun when you are surrounded by fans and rivals, celebrating either a win or a loss. Stop by Potts after school or work and make Monday a little more livelier!

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