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Bones Pies + Pong

House party games have moved out of the basement and into the eatery at a local wings, pizza, and beer stop in Fort Collins, Colorado. For a five dollar buy in each, Bones Pies + Pitchers places two person beer pong teams on their bracket board to compete against fellow Beirut fans in their weekly beer pong tournament held every Wednesday. With a new brewery sponsor each week, competitors get the chance to guzzle down an unlimited amount of high-quality brews for as long as they stay alive in the game. Sign ups start at 8:30 p.m. and pong is on at 9:00, lasting until closing time which is 11:00 p.m.

Instead of winning mere bragging rights in your friend’s basement during his or her next beer pong tournament, join the competition at Bones Pies + Pitchers for a chance to win a $25 tab and a few brewery sponsored gifts. While waiting for your next pong opponent, snack on some Thai Peanut, Orange Spice, or Rasta Jerk wings or snag a slice of pizza such as the Killer Miller which places a mix of meats like pepperoni, sausage, beef, and meatballs on top of killer crust and marinara sauce.

Bones Pies + Pitchers brings the party to the restaurant with its dance party tunes, three tabled tournament, and late night pig out food. You can perfect your beer pong shot by visiting this local eatery each Wednesday and also meet some friendly competitors at every tourney. Greet the owner Chad Fegely and see if he may have some tips on how to become champion of each challenge!

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