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Martini Please

An evening of romantic relaxation is required after a hectic Halloween weekend. Elliot’s Martini Bar in Fort Collins, CO has a classy and cozy ambiance, ideal for those who are in need of such unwind. The darkly tranquil atmosphere, invitingly intimate booths, and uniquely chic martinis ensure visitors a night of private engagement and the rare pleasure of leisure time.

Elliots’ Fall 2011 Menu has an assortment of martinis; from the classic Lemon Drop, to the creative French Tickler, to the sweet Velvet Tongue, each tini enlightens the taste buds and adds to the sophisticated vibe of this hometown hotspot. While enjoying one (or maybe even two!) of these marvelous martinis, order a few plates of finger foods and sit back and watch one of the featured films projected onto the big screen.

Holidays intensify our already busy schedules; being served food and drinks while delighting in a free big screen movie is the perfect opportunity for fitting in some relaxation. Let Elliot’s take care of you this weekend and make sure to say, “Martini please!”

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