Boarding Key

It’s that time of year that Colorado is best known for, WINTER, which means we have to pull out our boxes of boots, scarves, gloves, and puffy jackets to keep the frost from freezing our fingers and toes. Keeping warm is important especially in Keystone, Colorado where every winter accessory is needed to fight off Frosty. Even though the chill is not ideal, skiing or snowboarding at Keystone Ski Resort is worth layering up for.

If you are like me and have little experience skiing or boarding, don’t worry! Keystone has two villages that offer sleigh rides, snowshoeing, gondola rides, ice skating, and many more winter activities for those interested in experiencing something other than skiing or snowboarding. There are also numerous restaurants to take a breather at after a long day on the slopes like Kickapoo Tavern, which is a bar and grill that offers classic American food along with cocktails and microbrews.

Winter in Keystone is perfect for both experienced and inexperienced skiers and boarders who are planning a one day trip or a week-long vacation. Just make sure to pack your winter accessories or else you may not make it onto the mountain. Also, another word of advice to boarders like myself, don’t let those itty-bitty experts who may pass you by get you down; it’ll be alright, you’ll make it down the mountain eventually!

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Bones Pies + Pong

House party games have moved out of the basement and into the eatery at a local wings, pizza, and beer stop in Fort Collins, Colorado. For a five dollar buy in each, Bones Pies + Pitchers places two person beer pong teams on their bracket board to compete against fellow Beirut fans in their weekly beer pong tournament held every Wednesday. With a new brewery sponsor each week, competitors get the chance to guzzle down an unlimited amount of high-quality brews for as long as they stay alive in the game. Sign ups start at 8:30 p.m. and pong is on at 9:00, lasting until closing time which is 11:00 p.m.

Instead of winning mere bragging rights in your friend’s basement during his or her next beer pong tournament, join the competition at Bones Pies + Pitchers for a chance to win a $25 tab and a few brewery sponsored gifts. While waiting for your next pong opponent, snack on some Thai Peanut, Orange Spice, or Rasta Jerk wings or snag a slice of pizza such as the Killer Miller which places a mix of meats like pepperoni, sausage, beef, and meatballs on top of killer crust and marinara sauce.

Bones Pies + Pitchers brings the party to the restaurant with its dance party tunes, three tabled tournament, and late night pig out food. You can perfect your beer pong shot by visiting this local eatery each Wednesday and also meet some friendly competitors at every tourney. Greet the owner Chad Fegely and see if he may have some tips on how to become champion of each challenge!

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That’s Shwayze

Do you like “Corona and Lime?” Are you happy when you’re “Buzzin’?” Are you looking forward to “Livin’ It Up?” If you answered yes to any of these questions then I know you are a Shwayze fan and that you must head on up to Old Town Wednesday, November 16 because Shwayze is bringing his feel-good rap songs along with his acoustic accomplice, Cisco Adler, to the Aggie Theatre in Fort Collins, CO. Getting over this hump day will be a lot smoother after listening to a combination of hip-hop and acoustic guitar from this Malibu based dynamic pair. The duo’s summertime brightness and beach bumming chillness will be sure to remind listeners of those peaceful summer days and those bumping summer nights.

At 8 p.m. doors open and ThisSongisSick will present Shwayze and Cisco Adler, Cobraconda, Mod Sun, and G-Eazy; since ThisSongisSick is presenting this line up, a website that recognizes talented musicians, we know it’s going to be a sick show. You may either purchase a ticket online at the Aggie Theatre’s website or at the door for $15.

I am looking forward to hearing Shwayze and Adler’s chart topping hits, but I am mostly excited for some newly released tracks. While being thrown back into those memories of summertime bliss, be sure to grab a Corona and lime and live it up at tomorrow night’s show listening to some younger music!

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Meet the Mayor

The little rock-faced building on Mason Street in Fort Collins, Colorado is not the place where you will find the beloved mayor. Although it may not seem like it on the outside, this establishment is just as elegant and as distinguished as we would believe the mayor’s office to be on the inside.

The Mayor of Old Town is one of the newest bars in the Fort Collins area, featuring 100 beers on tap and an exquisite food selection from the Red Table Cafe menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Since breakfast is served all day, I suggest trying the green chili smothered, scrambled egg and cheese filled, avocado topped breakfast burrito known as the Avocado Burrito; served with a small cup of freshly sliced fruits and sour cream on the side, this meal requires an empty stomach beforehand because there is no doubt you will want to clear your plate before you leave.

Dining is delightful at this newly renovated enterprise, but what makes The Mayor of Old Town unique is the expansive assortment of beers on tap. The 100 taps include brews from New Belgium, Budweiser, Odell, Guinness Brewery, Firestone Walker, and many more. So, you may either try something familiar like the classic Bud Light or something unusual like the seasonal Quad which is a dark, fruity style ale that is tangy to the tongue.

You may have passed The Mayor of Old Town and mistaken it as a strictly political place of business. I suggest taking a second look the next time you drive down Mason and drop in for either a taste of the taps or a bite of the breakfast burritos!

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Martini Please

An evening of romantic relaxation is required after a hectic Halloween weekend. Elliot’s Martini Bar in Fort Collins, CO has a classy and cozy ambiance, ideal for those who are in need of such unwind. The darkly tranquil atmosphere, invitingly intimate booths, and uniquely chic martinis ensure visitors a night of private engagement and the rare pleasure of leisure time.

Elliots’ Fall 2011 Menu has an assortment of martinis; from the classic Lemon Drop, to the creative French Tickler, to the sweet Velvet Tongue, each tini enlightens the taste buds and adds to the sophisticated vibe of this hometown hotspot. While enjoying one (or maybe even two!) of these marvelous martinis, order a few plates of finger foods and sit back and watch one of the featured films projected onto the big screen.

Holidays intensify our already busy schedules; being served food and drinks while delighting in a free big screen movie is the perfect opportunity for fitting in some relaxation. Let Elliot’s take care of you this weekend and make sure to say, “Martini please!”

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Pick a Pumpkin at the Patch

Good thing the snowstorm headed our way early this year before the holiday festivities begin. The forecast is looking brighter for the holiday weekend, especially on Halloween day, so there is still hope to fit in a trip to the pumpkin patch. While we wait for the snow to melt, go to your local grocery store and pick up some carving tools to prepare for a Sunday-funday of getting sticky and slimy with the ones you love while showing off your awesome pumpkin carving skills.

The pumpkin patch on Highway 287 in Broomfield, CO is a wonderland of orange and is the most thrilling way to pick out a pumpkin. The fields are filled with plump pumpkins ready for picking and there is plenty of freedom to choose one that best fits your needs. After enjoying a roam throughout the fields, check out the hay maze, petting zoo, candy apple station, and baked goods stand; you will definitely feel younger after meandering through the maze and much happier knowing you get to take home a perfectly caramelized treat.

I hope the snow has left us with enough quality pumpkins to be able to dedicate a Sunday to carefree carving. Whether there are valuable leftovers or not, the trip to the patch on Highway 287 will undoubtedly rouse your youthful side. Let’s just hope that Mother Nature is on our side this weekend and has not and will not destroy too many more of those lovely orange fruits.

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Ghouls & Gals Get Down

The costume buzz is increasing as one of my favorite holidays comes creeping and crawling its way around the corner. Halloween is the one time of year where it is acceptable for people to dress as quirky, childish, and fantasy-like as possible without receiving any repercussions; it allows for every individual to look and act as out of character as he or she desires, no questions asked, making Halloween one of my most anticipated events of the year. October 31st is quickly approaching with a little less than two weeks left to go, which may be alarming for those who are still without costume or party plans.

Since Halloween falls on a Monday this year, it looks like we are obligated to celebrate earlier than usual. On Saturday, October 29th The Gin Mill in Denver, Colorado is throwing its legendary festivity centered fully on All Hallows’ Eve. Trickeration IX is on in full-force at 8 p.m. on Larimer Street and tickets are available now at The Gin Mill’s front bar. Snagging a ticket means you get to enjoy the luxury of an open bar all night long and show off your tricked out outfit while treating yourself to merriment.

Kids get to enjoy a night of make-believe and you should too! Recall those younger years of looking forward to picking out a costume and reveling in the dark vibe of Halloween. Purchase a ticket to Trickeration IX as soon as possible so you can be downtown bound with the rest of the holiday celebrators!

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The Mothership

Who would have thought that a bicycle ride through a few beer brewing European villages would be the leading inspiration for one of the largest breweries in the United States? Jeff Lebesch’s journey on his fat tire bicycle in 1989 motivated the creation of the New Belgium Brewing Company located in northern Fort Collins, Colorado. Designated “The Mothership” due to its focus on protecting Mother Earth, New Belgium prides itself on remaining environmentally conscious during its entire beer production process and desires enlightening consumers about the company’s environmental business decisions. This brewery offers consumers the chance to book a tour to learn more about the story behind the business, to view the production of world-class beers, and to sample original, seasonal, or brand new brews invented by fellow employees. The tour is free and available for sign-up during New Belgium’s hours of business, which is Tuesday-Saturday 10 a.m.-6 p.m.

After the tour, feel free to take a seat at the bar or at any of the open tables located in the brewery and test out some more of the in-house crafted brews. If you are looking to make a contribution to protecting the environment as well, ride your bicycle to The Mothership and become immersed in Jeff Lebesch’s world. There is no better way of feeling like a young adult then hopping on a bicycle and spending the day sampling word-class beers with family and friends!

P.S. Be sure to slip down the slide at the very end of the tour! So much fun 🙂

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Beer, Bingo & Football

When the beginning of the week rolls around, we all get a nasty case of the Mondays. After two days of sleeping in, slacking off, and spending time with family and friends, it’s no wonder why Monday has a bad reputation. Instead of dreading the start of all the paperwork and school projects you are obligated to complete and meetings you are required to attend, make Monday a little more enjoyable by visiting CB & Potts on West Elizabeth Street in Fort Collins, Colorado.

With an ample selection of dollar craft beers, multiple wide screen televisions broadcasting Monday Night Football, and the chance to win a prize after participating in bingo, fun is sure to follow. Potts offers an engaging environment for men and women, so enjoy a guy’s night out or a girl’s night out with some of your closest friends and change your Monday attitude.

Rather than making Monday feel bad and depositing all of your negative energy on the first day of the week, look forward to Monday as if it is still the weekend. Bingo at CB & Potts is unlike your average bingo hall and the beer is just as unique; watching football is much more fun when you are surrounded by fans and rivals, celebrating either a win or a loss. Stop by Potts after school or work and make Monday a little more livelier!

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Where Are All My Hikers At?

Fall weather provides the perfect opportunity to hike the gorgeous trails throughout Colorado this weekend. Whether in the Fort Collins area or not, trek on up to Horsetooth Mountain Park where you will find twenty seven miles of trails worthy of hiking, biking, or horseback riding. One of my favorite trails saves the best view for last, leading to a remote place of solitude ideal for couples, families, and friends; the end of the Horsetooth Falls trail is a secluded area of green plant life and a stream of water cascading down from the mountain top with plenty of space to stretch out on a blanket and watch nature at its finest. The trail offers the chance to hike to the top of the falls as well, providing a much broader view of the entire Horsetooth Mountain Park.

Plan a day of hiking the trails with the ones you love before the chill of winter comes creeping over our beloved state. Pack a picnic, fill your water bottles, and put on your walking shoes for a day full of beauty and adventure in the hills of Horsetooth. Bring your camera along and capture this new experience while you are doing some younger living!

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